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A traffic law attorney can assist with car accidents such as the one depicted in this photo for clients in Fairfield & Essex County, NJ

Traffic Law

Don't let a small traffic violation keep you off the road. Protect your driving abstract history from MVC points when you work with Chiaia & Associates of Fairfield, NJ.

Hire a real estate law attorney to close on a home in Farfield & Essex County, NJ

Real Estate Law

Get the most out of your real estate closing, whether you're a buyer or a seller near Fairfield, NJ. Hire a real estate law attorney before you make or accept that offer.

Create a will and trust with an attorney so your family in Fairfield & Essex County, NJ have proper estate planning

Wills and Trusts

Don't leave your family without proper estate planning when you pass on. Create a living will so that your medical professionals and family are on the same page in the event of a medical crisis.

Attorney in Fairfield & Essex County, NJ

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You shouldn't step into that courtroom alone. If you need a lawyer near Fairfield, NJ, call Chiaia & Associates, LLC. We've got your back!

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3 Reasons to Call Chiaia & Associates serving Fairfield & Essex County, NJ

1. You need an attorney to draw up a will or trust

Nobody wants to think about their own mortality, but you're never too young to create your will. Don't leave your family behind disputing with others over your assets. Make sure that your loved ones get what they deserve when you create a will with Chiaia & Associates, LLC. Call us today at 2012924616 to get started.

2. You're buying or selling a house in Northern New Jersey

So, you're ready to finally buy the house of your dreams. A real estate transaction is among the most significant in a person's lifetime. You need an experienced real estate attorney to make sure you get all you deserve and more. If you bypass a lawyer, you may be subject to unforeseen financial consequences. Call Chiaia & Associates of Fairfield, NJ today at 2012924616 for more information.

3. You've gotten a speeding ticket or other traffic citation

Traffic law affords you constitution protected rights. An experienced attorney should be consulted for your rights, potential penalties, and defenses. It may seem like a small infraction, but you should not go to court alone. Hire a lawyer who will work hard to get the best result in your case.

Chiaia & Associates of Fairfield, NJ will defend your interests to minimize your penalty, reduced time, appearing in court, and minimizing MVC points. Get back on the road fast with Chiaia & Associates.

Do you need legal assistance with another matter?

Our services don't stop there. You can count on the law firm of Chiaia & Associates LLC for other matters such as:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal injury
  • Civil Litigation
  • A-901 & NJDEP Compliance

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