Hire an attorney in northern New Jersey to draft your will

Throughout your professional career, you've worked hard to ensure a secure financial future for your family. If something unexpected were to happen to you or your health, have you planned for an orderly succession of your assets? Chiaia & Associates of Fairfield, NJ can you assist you with preparing a will, living will/medical proxy, and power of attorney.

If you have kids, you may consider setting up a trust

If you have kids, you may consider setting up a trust

Do you have children under the age of 18? They’ll need an adult, or trustee, to help them sort out the financials in the event of your passing. Protect your legacy with Chiaia & Associates of Fairfield, NJ. Call us today to get started.

When you’re ready to create a will in northern New Jersey, call the law office of Chiaia & Associates LLC to get started. We can help you answer life’s hard questions, like:

  • “Who would look after my kids?”
  • “What will happen to my belongings?”
  • “Who will administer my estate?”

Call us today at 2012924616 for a complimentary phone consultation.

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